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The top division of English football is known as the Premier Competition, and Man City Football Club plays for Manchester in that league. The 1880-founded British football team St. Mark's (West Gorton) adopted the moniker Man City in 1894 before changing their name to Ardwick Commercial Football Club in 1887. After featuring there since 1923, the team relocated to the Etihad Stadium from eastern Manchester in 2003. Manchester City first used its current moniker in 1894, the same year they got their recognizable sky blue home gear. The team has won eight league championships, six FA Cups, eight League Cups, six FA County Shields, and one European Cup Winners' Cup during the course of its existence.
The squad joined Football in 1892, and its first notable triumph, the FA Cup, occurred in 1904. The squad saw its first sustained period of success under Joe Mercer and Malcolm Allison in the 1960s and into the 1970s, securing even the European Cup Winners Cup securing, the FA Cup, the League Cup, and the league record. Man City experienced a period of deterioration following their loss in the 1981 Football Association Cup Final, which ended in their relegation to the English third level in 1998. After being promoted to the top tier in 2001–2002, they have lasted in the Premier League through 2002–2003.
Sheikh Mansour Ibn Zayed Al Nahyan purchased Manchester City around 2008 for the Abu Dhabi Cohesive Group, which resulted in significant financial investments in the team's infrastructure and performing staff. For the first time since the 1960s, the squad continued to win the FA Cup in 2011 and indeed the Premier League in 2012. 2014 saw the league win a second championship. Under Pep Guardiola's direction, Manchester City dominated the Premier League in 2018 and made competition history by being the first team to ever reach 100 points in a single season. They won four awards in 2018–19, becoming the first English soccer team to accomplish the feat and sweeping all domestic championships in England. The squad then achieved the very first final trophy of the Champions in 2021, whiles the Guardiola era's third and fourth Premier League titles, respectively, and came in 2020-21 and 2021-22. Manchester City supporters may watch their preferred team's live games for free on Footybite. Thanks to Footybite, everyone can enjoy Manchester City games.

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Despite not having won the UEFA Winners League title yet, Manchester City qualified for the league for twelve consecutive seasons in 2022–23 and made it to the knockout stages ten times in a row. The squad had the third-highest position in the UEFA ranking rankings at the end of the 2021–2022 seasons.
The Deloitte Soccer Money League was won by Manchester City, earning them the football team with the highest projected global income of €644.9 million. The club was the sixth most profitable in the world in 2021, with a value of $4 billion, according to Fortune. City Football Corporation Limited, a British investment company with a market value of £3.73 billion (US$4.8 billion) since around November 2019, owns Manchester City. On Footybite, fans of Manchester City may watch free live matches of their favourite team. Every Manchester City League game is available for live streaming on Footybite.

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The Manchester City game will be televised live and for free on Footybite. For the best viewing experience, access HD sources for your favourite team. There are several live Manchester City soccer streams accessible on Footybite. If you are Manchester City supporter, visit Footybite. You might watch Manchester City and many other clubs play live matches online or at your preferred sporting event if you need a fast fix. Based on our assessment of connectivity and the quality of the different connection choices, we divided the broadcasts into three main groups. Silver, gold, and platinum were all categorized individually.

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In the UK, Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Sports Premier League, and Sky Sports Ultra HDR will all stream live Manchester City games. You may access the NBC Sports website or the NBC Sports streaming app to watch the game in the United States. Manchester City TV provides live streaming of Manchester City matches, but you must be a subscriber to view. Manchester City is featured in every league game that is live broadcast on Footybite. Footybite allows you to watch every game without having to pay a high subscription fee, as you would on other platforms.